Slack Integration

The Loqbooq Slack App

Record and review decisions right from your Slack channel.

Loqbooq is where your communication happens

Most of your project communication takes place in your project’s Slack channel.
Even if you have an in-person meeting, your Slack channel is where you would notify the entire team of the results.
To make decision logging as simple and seamless as possible, the Loqbooq Slack app integrates your decision log directly in your Slack channel.

Screenshot of Loqbooq decision post in a Slack channel

Create decisions with a keystroke

To create a new decision, just type /loqbooq add in your project’s Slack channel.
Your decision proposal will be posted to your channel for everybody else to take notice.
Other team members can approve or reject the decision with a single click.

Screenshot of new decision modal in Slack

Manage decisions conveniently

On Loqbooq's App Home screen you get an overview of all your decisions at a glance.
Review new decisions and follow up on pending ones with a single click. Lookup and search your project Loqs for approved decisions.
All without leaving Slack.

Screenshot of Loqbooq App Home view in Slack

No Sign-Up or Registration

When you add the Loqbooq app to your Slack channel, accounts for all members are automatically created in the background. You and your team don’t need to create yet-another-account™ but can simply login using the Sign-In with Slack Single-Sign-On.
If external stakeholders in your project don't have Slack, simply invite them with their email address. They can fully collaborate with your team using the Loqbooq web app. While you keep full control over what Loqs they should have access to.

Screenshot the invite modal in Loqbooq web app

Start your decision log now!