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Loqbooq Decision Log for Your Project

Commit to decisions together.
Quickly record what your team decided and why.

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Lean Project Documentation

Do away with lengthy meeting minutes.
Loqbooq keeps a sequence of the relevant results — clutter free.

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Team Decisions

Collect single click approval from all stakeholders.
Commit to decisions jointly as a team — no more blame game.

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Permanent, indisputable record

Loqbooq stores decision logs unalterably.
It is the single source of truth everybody can refer to — no matter what.

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Wherever you need it!

First class Slack integration

Record your decisions where they are made — directly in your project's Slack channel.
Simply add the Loqbooq app to your project channel and start documenting your decisions right away. There is no step two. Learn more.

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Awesome Web App

Loqbooq in full galore! Our web app is sleek, responsive and accessible.
And if you're on Slack, you can directly sign in with the Slack account you already have — no further registration required.

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The little details!

Reminder for outstanding decisions

Loqbooq automatically reminds you of decisions you haven’t reviewed yet.

Data Export (PDF / CSV)

Conveniently export your decisions to PDF and to tabular data formats.

Hosted in Europe (GDPR Compliant)

Loqbooq is hosted in Europe and is compliant to the high data privacy standards of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union.

Prime Support

Loqbooq is intuitive and self-explaining to use.
But if you encounter any issues or simply want to say Ahoy, we’re always there for you and answer in no time!

Secure data storage

All your data is transmitted and stored securely.
We use industry standard encryption at rest and additionally column-based encryption within our database.

Cross-team collaboration

Easily add external partners to your Loqs.
You can control in detail who gets access to what.

Use Cases

Loqbooq is a bullet proof way to agree on and store decisions.
Within a single team as well as with different partners and stakeholders.

Architectural Decision Records (ADR)

Loqbooq is a lightweight tool for recording technical decisions in coding or engineering projects.
New members joining your team will find it easier to get their head around your design and architecture when they can look up why things were done how they were done.

Illustration of one person showing a decision to another.

Remote Decision Making

Your team might be distributed across time zones and continents or simply have very distinct work-life-schedules.
Loqbooq still ensures that everybody is on board with important decisions. Automatic reminders and clear ownership push for quick progress.

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Battle Proof

With freelancers, consultants and multiple departments involved, communication gets harder and understanding of project decisions can easily diverge over time.

Loqbooq gives you a solid log of all important decisions and considerations that is always accessible to everybody in the project.
Replace finger-pointing with team ownership and make discussions be based on a jointly built single source of truth.
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