Loqbooq will be shutting down on August 31, 2024. Please export all your data.
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Transparent and Simple



Ideal for small teams or personal use.

  • 3 decision logs

  • 3 reviewers per decision

  • Unlimited decisions

  • Unlimited members & guests

  • Slack & Web App

  • Secure data storage

  • GDPR-compliant hosting in Europe

  • Permanent, indisputable record of decisions

  • Data export (PDF / CSV)


$ 2.99* / active user / month

Upgrade for larger teams and bigger projects.

Everything in Free, plus:
  • Unlimited decision logs

  • Unlimited reviewers per decision

  • Monthly billing — Cancel anytime

Fair billing
You only pay for members active within the last 30 days.
Free trial
Try the Pro plan for free for 30 days.
No credit card required.
*Taxes may apply based on billing location.

Start your decision log now!


Qualifying non-profit organizations get the unlimited Pro plan for just $ 1.59*.

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Frequently asked questions

We only charge for active users. We consider a user active when they have interacted with Loqbooq since the last invoice date.
For example, if one of your team members takes a parental leave, a sabbatical or simply a long vacation, we will stop charging for them after one month of inactivity. This means you don't need to remove users who you know will return after not needing Loqbooq for a longer period.
We think only charging for active users is both more fair and more convenient.

Yes, we charge for one user minimum, even if they are inactive.
However, you can cancel your subscription anytime (monthly) when you don't need Loqbooq anymore.

Yes. When you cancel your subscription, you will simply be downgraded back to the Free Plan. In the free plan you can only have 3 active loqs. Other loqs will be made read-only. But you can still access all your existing decisions. Also in the free plan you can only have three reviewers for each new decision. This, of course, does not affect existing decision with more reviewers made while the Pro plan was active.
Also you can export your decision logs any time as PDF and CSV.

Yes! Glad you ask!
For non-profit organizations we offer a significantly discounted rate of $ 1.59 per month and active user.
For more information have a look at our support article How to apply for non-profit discount

We use Paddle as our payment processor. You can pay with credit cards or PayPal.

The pricing above is without any taxes like VAT. That is because taxes depend on your country of residence. So the usual taxes of your country (i.e. sales taxes or VAT) will be added individually during purchase.