Loqbooq will be shutting down on August 31, 2024. Please export all your data.
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Crew & Vision

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Our vision:
Making decisions transparent

In all fields and all types of companies and institutions, decisions are the crucial factor that drives progress. But too often pending decisions block advancements and slow projects down as teams wait for agreement.

Decisions are seldom documented as being finally approved. Thus, team members and managers make different assumptions or contractors get orders, that are not recorded in a save way and can later be disputed.

Loqbooq puts an end to this!

Loqbooq makes decisions transparent and records decisions permanently. As an independent third party, Loqbooq guarantees the validity and immutability of recorded decisions.
Loqbooq helps you to build a common track-record of the decisions and actions you agreed on — within your team, with your contractors and with your clients!

Our Crew

Based in Berlin we create software as a team since 2009. What drives us is making products we and our customers actually enjoy to use.

We keep our team deliberately small to move fast and keep it personal. We don't have a marketing department because we want to focus on making a good product. And we don't have a dedicated support team because your requests get answered by the person who can answer them best (and fastest) — be it the developer or the CEO.

  • Portrait of Anna Neovesky

    Anna Neovesky


    Anna worked as a researcher in the field of usability and digital transformation for many years. Before joining on Loqbooq she was executive director of an interdisciplinary research institution. Her passion are easily accessible tools that drive digital transformation of processes and structures.

  • Portrait of Julius Peinelt

    Julius Peinelt


    Julius has worked for multiple development agencies over the last decade. He was involved in many different projects from various industries and could gather a very broad field of expertise both in project management and in software engineering.

  • Portrait of Gabriel Reimers

    Gabriel Reimers


    Gabriel is a software and product developer with over 10 years of experience. He has worked on information security and banking applications and has a special focus on usability and security.

Our stack

When you use Loqbooq for your projects, you trust valuable data to us. We put our story and faces here, so you know who the people keeping your data are.
But we think it is even more important to transparently communicate how and where your data is processed on a technical level. So we decided to put the major components of our tech stack and service providers here and explain briefly why and how we use each of them.

Clever Cloud
Our apps are hosted on the cloud computing platform Clever Cloud. The Clever Cloud team as well as the servers are based in Paris (France), so your data is stored fully GDPR compliant. Also Clever Cloud has excellent support and very stable service.
We use the Swiss email provider ProtonMail for our business email as it provides secure encryption and full privacy.
Fathom Analytics*
Of course we are curious how many visitors we have on our webpages. Fathom allows for completely anonymous web analytics. We don't use any intrusive trackers like Google Analytics.
Purchases and payments are handled by Paddle. They also make sure correct sales taxes are paid depending on the customer's location.
Our support pages and support email is provided by HelpScout. Simply because it is the easiest and most convenient solution we know of (for both us and our customers).
Bunny CDN*
We use Bunny CDN to speed up our webpages. They have a bunny themed website, are based in Europe and — like us — Bunny is very transparent about their team and processes.

*Affiliate link. Grants you a discount.