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By Anna Neovesky

Slack and web conferences: where decisions are made

When we started Loqbooq, we wanted to create a tool that makes it possible to record decisions directly where they are made.
Right from the beginning, we had the Loqbooq Slack app, as Slack is the place for continuous exchange and discussion within most teams.

Another important place for discussions and decisions are live meetings.
But often meeting results are not documented immediately because it is cumbersome to switch between the meeting app and documentation tools like Loqbooq.

Remote Meeting Illustration

The Loqbooq Webex App

Over the last weeks we have been working on the integration of Loqbooq into the video conference software Webex.
Webex is among the most popular web conference apps and offers various collaborative features, such as a digital whiteboard and interactive tools for surveys and participant involvement.

The Webex App Hub allows you to add your favorite tools directly to Webex. And, as of today, Loqbooq is a part of it!

With the Loqbooq Webex integration you can document your decisions collaboratively directly in the Webex Meetings app. So, you don’t lose eye contact while documenting and everybody can immediately review and commit to decisions with a single click.

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